Sugar Scrubs

Imagine gently exfoliating your skin with one of natures purest gifts-- Sugar. Now imagine infusing your newly exposed layer of skin with shea butter and some of natures's finest oils for a softness comparable to the skin of a newborn..This can be a reality...

Bliss Sugar Scrub

If you enjoy a light and fresh fragrance that is comprised of Vanilla blended with Caramel this is the fragrance for you!

Caramel Latte Sugar Scrub

Made with Real Brown Sugar..

Coconut Chiffon Sugar Scrub

Sweet Jasmine with tops notes of fresh rose petals!

SynFul Sugar Scrub

The name says it all..

Violet Love Sugar Scrub

Sensual women's fragrance infused with lavender, violets and light musk!

White Peach Blossom Sugar Scrub

Peach Blossom Fragrance Oil Warm, sunny and light, a white flower with just a hint of fruit.